Learning Portfolio

A famous education reformer, John Dewey, stated that “We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” The Learning Portfolio is also grounded in reflection: it brings your experiences in and outside of the classroom together.

What is a Learning Portfolio?

The Learning Portfolio is a great way to compliment your professional Linkedin or Twitter profiles, as it captures your personal and academic journeys. The Learning Portfolio tells YOUR story – in and outside of class. Make your education and experience stand out through a combination of reflections, links, pictures, videos and more!

Check out this sample learning portfolio on PebblePad. We also have sample learning portfolios completed by our Dr. Mary E. Keyes Certificate of Leadership Development graduates: Portfolio APortfolio BPortfolio C

What is PebblePad?

PebblePad is like Tumblr or Linkedin but for learning. From interactive workbooks and learning portfolios to creating an appealing profile to help land your dream job, you can use PebblePad to track your personal development and stand out. To get started, you can preview this simple PebblePad tutorial.

The best part about PebblePad is that it’s FREE for all McMaster students.

I first viewed the learning portfolio as a hassle, but after using it to document my learning at McMaster and presenting it to an employer as a unique way to present myself, I have come to see its value on a personal and professional development level.

McMaster University Student

We have many opportunities to help you build your learning portfolio…

Develop your leadership style, enhance your skills, and connect with others.

Compliment your learning with meaningful experiences and reflection.

Contribute your time, skills, and insights to organizations dedicated to your learning.

Hone your leadership path, reflect on your values, and establish a strong foundation.

Polish your leadership skills and grow confidence in your abilities.

Gather information and uncover career choices based on your strengths and needs.


If you need any help with your learning portfolio, we host drop in hours with our student leaders. Visit OSCARplus for information on timings or email leadership@mcmaster.ca for more information.