Common Reading Program
Book Recommendation Form

Do you have a recommendation for 2018?

The following criteria are considered when shortlisting the books.

  1. The author may have a strong connection to McMaster/Hamilton/ surrounding communities, or the content of the book is compelling and relevant in a particular year.
  2. The text will raise for discussion and reflection themes of personal/professional/ leadership development, community engagement and/or contemporary issues (e.g, Diversity, Inclusivity, Civility, Resiliency, Mental Health).
  3. The author is affordable and available to come to campus for the author visit/reading at the beginning of the academic year and again later in the term/year.
  4. The text will not have been read as part of the High School curriculum.
  5. The text will be of a reasonable length.
  6. The text crosses disciplines and will be engaging and inspirational for the greatest number of students.