Exams are coming — quickly. We’re here to help you through it all.

Whether you’re an upper-year student who’s used to meeting up with friends to study at Mills Library or a first-year student who’s unsure of the best (virtual) study spots — we’ve got you covered. Studying with others can help motivate you and remind you that you’re not in this alone. You have access to a virtual community of peers and staff who want to help you succeed.

Join us at these study sessions and workshops to learn strategies to help you study effectively. And we haven’t forgotten about the importance of taking breaks. Join us for de-stressing events to enjoy a well-deserved break, socialize and get crafty. Plus, get helpful tips to help you study and take care of yourself.

The official SSC Studying for Exams Spotify Playlist is here!

Listen to stay motivated, get in the mood to take on your textbooks or take a quick dance break (we wouldn’t blame you). Note: You’ll need to log in to Spotify to access the playlist.

Get affordable course-specific support from a trained peer tutor at the Undergrad Peer Tutoring Network.

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