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It All Adds Up

Have you ever thought: “I feel like I’m constantly rushing but I’m never sure I’m doing enough”; or, “I’m afraid if I don’t get involved in enough extra-curriculars that I won’t get a good job or get into grad school”? McMaster University’s career and employment team are here to help you figure out how It All Adds Up for you.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017  MUSC Marketplace Follow us!

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We’re here for you

“Post-secondary students often report feeling really stressed about their future careers.  They worry that they’re not doing enough–enough to get the programs they want, into the internships and jobs they want, into the careers they want.  In actual fact, they are often doing a lot but haven’t paused to see how It All Adds Up.”

That’s where this award-winning student wellness campaign comes into action. There will be more than 45 post-secondary institutions participating in the campaign this November during Canada Career Month. McMaster will be setting up for the campaign on November 14 in the MUSC Marketplace where we will encourage students to reflect on their successes and demonstrate how they are making it “all add up” in their own career journey.

The Student Success Centre will be taking photos of students and sharing their reflections on the Student Success Centre Instagram account. Photos will be tagged as part of the It All Adds Up campaign.

This year, we will also offer resume critiques. Bring your resume!

For more information on the It All Adds Up campaign, visit the website. Don’t forget to follow us!

Wondering how It All Adds Up for You?

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Attend one of our upcoming career and employment workshops in November to help you Add It All Up.

Register to develop a stronger understanding of your career values and personal strengths.

Connect with an alumni for mock interviews, resume critiques, or career conversations.

Unsure of what you want to be or where you want to go? Explore your options.

Looking to gain career-related experience in your field of study? Make an appointment with Volunteer Connections.


Career Advising Appointment

Advisors can help with job search support, further education questions, career information, building experiences, and helping you find the right services and resources. You can schedule an advising appointment (30 min) or meet with an advisor during drop-in clinics.

Drop-in clinics are offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. in Gilmour Hall 110. Meetings are 15 minutes and are available on a first-come basis.

Career Counselling Appointment

Career counselling helps you develop more clarity about yourself and your career goals.  Use this appointment to examine your values, interests, and skills, and to develop self-directed career and education goals. You can schedule a career counselling appointment on OSCARplus and meetings are held in Gilmour Hall 110. Appointments are 50 minutes in length.