Have big ideas but little time? Learn from light case studies led by Canadian leaders

January–February 2022

Canada: Theory Meets Practice is all about leadership in action — in more ways than one. Through light case studies, industry leaders demonstrate their expertise on topics of national importance. And students like you contribute to the cause by asking questions, sharing ideas and providing potential solutions.

What’s a light case study?

In this series, it’s an opportunity for guest leaders to share a problem they had to solve and provide context for the problem. Then, you and a small group of your peers have 5–10 minutes to discuss how you would start to solve the problem. Next, depending on the guest leader, they may follow up by having groups compare thoughts, sharing how they solved the problem, leading you through more rounds of problem-solving or a combination of these options.

Why participate?

  • Build confidence through an interdisciplinary approach to leadership development that’s accessible and free of industry-specific jargon.
  • Get inspired to create change by learning from leaders in action and exploring ways to get involved after each event.
  • Collaborate with a small group to come up with innovative ideas.


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