Student Success 2020 Challenge

Take on the challenge!

The first 100 students to complete the challenge activities will receive a Success Certificate and a $100 gift card to the Campus Store.

The activity categories — Academic Skills, Career Development and Experience Building — were designed to help you meet your goals by connecting you with valuable services and opportunities. Activities range from meeting with an academic coach to volunteering on campus or in the community.

You can customize the challenge to meet your personal, professional and academic goals by choosing one of four Success Streams:

  1. Want it all? — Select two activities from each category.
  2. Major/Minor — Choose a category for your major and minor. Select four activities in your major category and two activities in your minor.
  3. Double Major — Choose two major categories and select three activities in each.
  4. Specialize — Become a specialist. Select all six activities in one category.

Pick up your activity booklet in Gilmour Hall 110, starting January 13, 2020. Activities must be completed by April 30, 2020.