Image contains a background banner of McMaster’s John Hodgins Engineering Building on a sunny day. In front of the banner, is a yellow box containing a title, “Career Access Program for Students”, as well as two circular images of students and one cropped image. Circular Image One: Two female students from the McMaster Student Union's service Maccess, sitting side by side on a bench. They are inside the waterfall room in Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Learning & Discovery ("MDCL" Building #52) on the McMaster University campus. The image has been shaped to fit inside a circle and is tinted yellow. Both students identify as having a disability, though both are invisible. Circular Image Two: A male student with a visual impairment demonstrating the use of his assistive technology. The photo was taken on the first floor of Mills Memorial Library (Building #10) on the McMaster University campus. The figure is cropped into the shape of a large circle and is tinted a light blue. Cropped Image One: A young male student taking notes on a small piece of stationery at the Career Fair, hosted by the Student Success Centre at McMaster University. The image has been cropped to contain just the outline of his figure. He is wearing glasses and a gray suit.

At the Student Success Centre (SSC), we are driven by McMaster’s commitment to creating a Brighter World. When pursing experiential learning and career development opportunities, the SSC recognizes the importance of inclusivity, diversity, accessibility, accommodation, and equity. We take an individualized approach when working with students, campus and community partners.

About CAPS

The Career Access Program for Students (CAPS) provides a customized approach to skill building and career development for students who identify as women, persons with disabilities, First Nations, Metis and Inuit persons, members of racialized communities, and LGBTQ+-identified persons. The program instills optimism and confidence to guide students in their career journey. The program offers multiple ways to access its services, through a flexible time commitment that meets your individualized needs.

By participating in the program, you will receive career guidance in areas such as career exploration, strategic goal setting, personal branding, employment opportunities, and an Individualized Employment Action Plan. You will build a network of career mentors who will provide you with tools, advice and who will share their real-life experiences.

If you would like to be involved in CAPS, please email Tanya Kett or subscribe to our newsletter for more information.

How to Participate

Identify employability skills and the knowledge essential to targeting appropriate career options.

Tools/Activities: SkillScan assessment.


Explore career options. Find information and resources on the wide variety of career paths open to you.

Tools/Activities: Career Cruising, TypeFocus, Majors Website, and Career Planning Group.


Career Exploration

Make real-world connections. Observe and learn about different careers and industries from those who have lived experience addressing barriers and challenges as it relates to managing diversity in the workplace.

Tools/Activities: Job Shadow, Hamilton Employment Crawl (HEC), Career Conversations, Career Mixers, Networking events.

Get assistance with job search strategies and personal branding.  Make connections to external resource for additional support.

Tools/Activities: Resume building & critique, Elevator Pitch creation, Cover letter development & critique, Linkedin, Lime Connect, and Magnet.

Develop employability skills through paid, academic, co-curricular and volunteer experiences. Connect with employers who are currently hiring.

Tools/Activities: Community Engagement & Volunteer Fair, Volunteer Breakfast, Online Volunteer Fair, Career Treks, ClubsFest, Club membership/involvement, Fall Career Fair, Connect to Careers, Company Recruitment Sessions

Employment Opportunities: Student Success Centre believes in the value of a diverse and inclusive workforce. We work to create job opportunities here on campus and we also work with external employer partners and organizations create more opportunities for students
Partners: CareerEdge Internships, Lime Connect, Off-Campus jobs, Ontario Public Service, Link-Up, Magnet

Do you have questions about asking for accommodations in the workplace?  Should you disclose?  If so, how and when?

Tools/Activities: Tips Sheets, resources and SSC consultations

Participating in the Career Access Program for Students will assist you in: building increased awareness of both on- and off- campus resources, enhancing self-advocacy and communication skills, improving confidence in personal strengths, building a professional support system through networking skills, and linking classroom learning to experiences.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more, contact:

Tanya Kett
Career Development Advisor | 905-525-9140 x26344

As of September 5, 2018, Tanya Kett will hold office hours in Student Accessibility Services (MUSC B107). She will be in SAS bi-weekly on Wednesdays between 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. to help students connect with CAPS.


CAPS has a free monthly newsletter to keep you up-to-date with Student Success Centre programming, accessible employers, and future career opportunities.

Sign up below to stay informed. All personal information will remain confidential.

To find out more information on how the Student Success Centre is creating a Brighter World, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


The Student Success Centre and faculty career partners encourages engagement and participation by students, alumni, and our community partners, including women, persons with disabilities, First Nations, Metis and Inuit persons, members of racialized communities, and LGBTQ+-identified persons. If you require an accommodation to participate in an event hosted by the Student Success Centre, please contact: SSC Events. All personal information will be kept confidential.

Access Hour: Fall Career Fair 2018

Taking place between 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., the Fall Career Fair Access Hour provides students with another opportunity to engage with organizations attending the fair. Recognizing that the crowded space can create a barrier for students for a number of different reasons, this year, the Access Hour will take place in a reduced stimuli space and will feature organizations that value diversity in their hiring process.

This hour will be open to students who identify as women, persons with disabilities, First Nations, Metis and Inuit persons, members of racialized communities, and LGBTQ+-identified persons. Register to attend here.

Disclaimer: Employers wearing or displaying a “Diversity Adds Value” badge have been recognized as an accessibility forward employer, meaning that they have taken extra steps to foster a sense of diversity and inclusion in their workplace.

Image Banner of University Hall with the title Resources in a blue box


When making workplaces more accessible, it is important to focus on personalized accommodation through consultation with employees and to approach workplace diversity with flexibility. We understand that, with asking for accommodations, the issue of disclosure will come up and can be rather daunting. We have created some resources to help guide you through the processes of disclosure and requesting accommodations if you chose to do so.

  1. Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)
  2. Accommodations and Disclosure
  3. Leave of Absence
  4. Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
  5. Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC)
  6. Workplace Support

For more information about Accessibility at McMaster, please visit the Accessibility Hub!


Funding can be an issue for any student, it is important to recognize that students with disabilities may face greater financial barriers than others. In particular, many individuals due to schedules, are unable to work, take extra time to complete their studies, or must pay for various medical and accommodation needs out of pocket. We have compiled a list of financial resources to help supplement your income, and overcome some of the challenges faced by students with disabilities when dealing with finances.

  1. Bursaries for Students with Disabilities (BSWD)
  2. Canada Student Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities
  3. NEADS Financial Aid Directory
  4. Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
  5. Students in Special Circumstances (OSAP)

For more information about financial assistance and services, please visit Mac’s Money Centre!


Many students struggle to find a balance between their academic performance, a healthy social life, and their overall wellness. We have compiled lists of various resources, on and around the McMaster campus, which can help you to better manage your health and wellness.


In addition to McMaster’s internal supports, we have also provided a PDF of various On and Off Campus Resources!

Image contains three badge designs for the Please Offer Me a Seat campaign. A campaign designed for public transit users to offer their seat to individuals in need and wearing a badge. Left Button: Text reads please offer me a seat inside of white word bubble on light blue background with McMaster logo on the bottom. Center Button: Logo of a bus sits on top of text reads please offer me a seat. McMaster logo on the bottom, button colour yellow. Right Button: Logo of a bus sits on top of text reads please offer me a seat. McMaster logo on the bottom, button colour maroon.

Please Offer Me a Seat

“Please Offer Me a Seat” is an initiative by the Career Access Program for Students (CAPS) to improve accessibility for transit users who need a seat while travelling. This campaign reflects McMaster University’s commitment to provide an inclusive community for all. Take a stand, and offer your seat to those who may need priority seating.

Badges can be found at various on-campus locations including, the Student Success Centre (SSC), Student Accessibility Services (SAS), Maccess, the Student Health Education Centre (SHEC), and Compass.

For more information please contact:

Sydney Cumming
Student Ambassador (CAPS)
Phone: (905) 525-9140 x22860 | Email:

Image contains single badge design with the text diversity adds value. Above the text is a logo of a suitcase/toolbox in three brighter world brand colours (yellow, blue, and green). Below is the McMaster logo. The badge has a white center with a blue boarder.

Diversity Adds Value

“Diversity Adds Value” is a campaign run by the Student Success Centre in an effort to promote diverse practices in the workplace. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, McMaster University continues to be a champion in creating a Brighter World. The Diversity Adds Value stickers being worn by accessibility forward employers are meant to bring attention to best practices employed in their workspaces, and highlight the barriers faced by people with differing abilities when entering the workplace. This campaign is run in conjunction with our Career Fair “Access Hour” and the “Please Offer Me a Seat” initiative. To learn more about how the SSC is working to make a Brighter World, please visit us in Gilmour Hall 110.

Our Partners

The Career Access Program for Students is a partnership with Student Accessibility Services and Maccess.

We are also proud to partner with Lime Connect and Career Edge. Both of these organizations have been identified as being accessibility forward, and proven to be invaluable in their contributions to the CAPS program. We’re grateful for their assistance in making our communities more accessible, and look forward to a more diverse and inclusive McMaster community.

Career edge logo

As a not-for-profit, social enterprise, we were Canada’s first online job posting board and still are Canada’s largest provider of paid internships. We help individuals launch their career, while supplying organizations with diverse, qualified talent.

Lime Connect logo

Lime Connect is a global not for profit 501(c)(3) organization that’s rebranding disability through achievement. We do that by attracting, preparing, and connecting high potential university students and professionals.