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Everyone has a mentor

Most of us have a mentor. Whether it is a family member, friend, or a memorable teacher, mentors are the people in your lives who help you find direction and clarity. As you continue to grow with our community, the mentors you gain can play a very helpful role in working through your academic, career, and personal pathways.

A mentor can help you:

  • Gain personal and professional development

  • Build your professional network

  • Develop your skills

  • Find connections between your skills and work

  • Get career advice

  • Receive encouragement and guidance

Mentorship Programs

We know finding mentors related to your professional interests can be a challenge. Don’t worry, though. We have a variety of different programs and resources that can help you gain access to the mentors you need.


Connect with professionals, set goals, and gain feedback through MentorMatch, a six month mentorship program that connects third-year B.HSc (Honours) Program students with McMaster alumni and community partners. We recruit mentors from a variety of medical and health fields and match them with students who are striving towards similar career goals so they can ask questions, learn, and reflect.

Wallingford Women in Leadership

To encourage women’s leadership development, we pair current residents at Wallingford with Wallingford alumni for a structured six month mentorship program.

First Year International Student Mentoring Program

Get support for your transition to the Hamilton and McMaster community through our First Year International Student Mentoring Program. We match you with a mentor who can answer your questions prior to your arrival and offer one-on-one support electronically, by phone, in-person, or at events. Learn more about the ways we can help your transition.

Innovation and Society: Engineering Residence Mentoring Program

Connect with McMaster Engineering alumni to ask questions and gain insight into your personal and professional options. This 6-month mentorship program is for level 1 Engineering students in the Innovation and Society Community in Hedden Hall.

Speaking with someone who has been through it all made me feel more confident in where I am headed in the near future. In my opinion, the McMaster Alumni & Partners Advisor Network is a great resource, providing an easy way to meet career mentors that are willing to take time to help you out!

McMaster Student

Alumni and Partners Advisor Network

Do you ever wish you could ask an employer what they’re looking for on a job application? Or, even for some one-on-one time with someone who knows the ins and outs of your dream job? Have a career conversation with someone who’s been there.

As a McMaster student, our Alumni and Partners Advisor Network gives you access to hundreds of alumni and industry leaders who will volunteer their time to mentor you. Have your resume/cover letter critiqued by a company and industry insider or practice your interview skills with professionals who can share their expertise. Connect with leaders who can answer your questions and help you gain the clarity you need.

Best of all, you get free access to our career seminars up until 10 years after graduation.


The network is exclusively available to all McMaster University undergraduate and graduate students as well as to recent alumni, up to 10 years after graduation.

When and Where?

Anytime. Anyplace. The network provides access to mentors from all over the world, helping you gain a truly global perspective of the impact and value that your degree and skills can have.



Book a Mentorship Appointment with us to take an individual approach to mentorship. Appointments help you if you:

  • Can’t find a mentor that works for you
  • Need to explore more careers
  • Are not able to participate in one of our formal programs

Make the most of your mentorship experience. Book a Now What Appointment and put what you learned in to action:

  • Learn how to leverage your new network
  • Effectively include the experience in your resume
  • Create an action plan and more