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Uniting students and community through a shared purpose

Did you know that volunteering can boost your academic performance and workplace skills? Get involved to gain skills and experience while helping organizations reach their goals and build better communities. Locate volunteer opportunities on- and off-campus, locally and regionally in either a group or individual capacity.

Why Volunteer

Contribute your time, skills, insights and energy to organizations and communities who need your help. Be an ambassador for yourself, your program and your school and give back to your community while learning transferrable skills.

Personal Development

Build your community and make a difference in the lives of others. Find a cause you care about or a population that you would like to serve and jump into volunteer service.

Support a cause

Increase social awareness

Meet new people

Enjoy better health

Gain self confidence

Build independence

Learn through service

Professional Development

Apply your academic training in a real world environment. Write a business proposal, create a marketing strategy or do data analysis for an organization that needs support.

Develop transferable skills

Gain work experience

Explore career options

Develop a professional network

Earn a reference

Improve your resume

Advance your academics

McMaster’s Community Engagement and Volunteer Fair


Meet face-to-face with organizations who have local and regional opportunities to get involved, explore careers, build your resume and skills, and develop meaningful connections.


Visit the Community Engagement and Volunteer Fair event page for more information.


Make an impact

Make an appointment

Meet with an experienced volunteer connections student success leader from Monday – Thursday.

Student Success Leaders

Polish your leadership skills and grow confidence in your abilities on-campus through the Student Success Leader (SSL) program. As an SSL, you will develop your leadership through volunteering and providing support to students in 3 – 5 hours a week.

Our supervisors are campus professionals who offer our SSLs guidance, support, and unit-specific training throughout the school year. Supervisors and SSLs work together to identify and reflect upon the leadership skills developed through the program.

Program Elements

Hands-On Learning

SSLs work in different units throughout Student Affairs. SSLs work alongside peers and professionals to learn and to enhance student services.

Goal Setting

With the support of their supervisor, all SSLs will begin their placement by setting learning goals and highlight the experiences they want to gain.


Unit supervisors act as mentors and coach SSLs as they work towards achieving personal leadership goals.

Professional Development

SSLs participate in a variety of professional development opportunities, including a workshop of the student’s choice in the first semester.

I believe leadership is a flexible term. It can mean different things at different times - sometimes it may be defined as someone who is taking the reigns and making the decisions, while at other times, it is an individual who is merely facilitating and letting the conversation and actions flow in that particular situation.

McMaster Student Success Leader

More than a volunteer program

This is a leadership development program with a volunteering component. The SSL program is designed to help McMaster students learn and hone leadership skills and enhance their confidence to lead and work with others. Given the competitive application process, there is an expectation that SSLs will go beyond the expectations of volunteer placements.


Applications for the 2018-2019 academic year are now closed. Check back in December 2018 for updated application information for the 2019-2020 academic year.