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Resources 102

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Happy Friday, Marauder!

Yesterday, we shared information about a lot of the resources offered by Student Success Centre Academics. I know that sometimes too many options can be overwhelming, so this is a short guide to other Student Affairs resources. I know it can also be intimidating to just show up at an office with nothing but a bit of curiosity, so we included the websites and emails for each resource. We recommend sending an email to the services that interest you, whether it be to find out about volunteer opportunities or just to learn more about how the service can support you and your peers.

You need Indigenous Students and Studies (http://indigservices.mcmaster.ca/ ǀ admin@mcmaster.ca) if…

  • You want to learn more about Indigenous health, and wellness
  • You are an Indigenous student and would like academic and social support
  • You would like to attend events and workshops related to Indigenous culture and contemporary issues

You need International Student Services (https://iss.mcmaster.ca/ ǀ iss@mcmaster.ca) if…

  • You are an international student at McMaster
  • You are interested in studying abroad
  • You are an incoming international student requiring advisement about immigration, health insurance, or academic matters

You need the Office of the Registrar (https://registrar.mcmaster.ca/) if…

  • You seek information about admissions, enrolment, exams, or scheduling
  • You want to get in touch with your Academic Advisor
  • You want to get in touch with Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

You need Student Accessibility Services (http://sas.mcmaster.ca/) if…

  • You would like more information about how SAS supports students with disabilities
  • You are a student with a disability and require accommodation(s) in your studies
  • You want to know more about supporting your peers through volunteer note-taking

You need the Student Wellness Centre (http://wellness.mcmaster.ca/ ǀ wellness@mcmaster.ca) if…

  • You want to know more about the health services you have access to on campus
  • You are seeking counselling and/or mental health services
  • You are seeking (emergency) contraception

I hope that you connect with something on this list and that you are glad to see supports in place for you at McMaster. Mac is now your home away from home, so we want you to be able to walk on campus as informed and comfortable as possible! Those of you who read Wednesday’s post on independence would not be surprised to see me say that I want you to branch out and take advantage of these resources! You might even find that you want to explore independence more if you are more confident in your surroundings. If this all still seems like too much information, we understand. Bookmark this page or jot down something that stands out to you so you can revisit it when things feel less overwhelming. When you come to campus in the fall, try to remember that these resources are not in distant and inaccessible corners of the school. You can (and should) engage with the resources mentioned in both today’s and yesterday’s posts, no matter your academic standing. There is no need to wait until you feel like you require help before you reach out.

Next week, this series turns its focus to finding balance and managing time. Check back for tips to help with procrastination, scheduling, and even saving money on campus food! Enjoy the weekend, Marauder!




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Which resource (from either yesterday’s post or today’s) are you most intrigued by? Did it surprise you that any of them exist?


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2 thoughts on “Resources 102”

  1. Student Wellness Centre and International Student Services are the most interesting ones, in my opinion. I will most likely be using both as well as the Office of the Registrar. I’m glad McMaster has them!

    1. It’s great to hear that you plan to engage with these resources! I always find that I am more comfortable when I’ve gotten some answers, and all of those services can definitely help with that!

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