SSC Academic Skills Orientation: Online

Have questions about starting University?

SSC Academic Skills Orientation: Online is a seven-week online program that supports you before your arrival for Welcome Week. Get tips and advice from fellow students to help you navigate a new academic environment. Join us from home as we discuss university academics through videos, short articles, and personal reflections, and learn about the skills you will need to be successful at McMaster.

In addition to the regular blogs, we will also have weekly Facebook Lives and Instagram contests.

The grand prize of the program is an iPad (contest details to be announced).

Thanks again for all you are doing to help our students! I have heard many positive comments about your workshops and some of our students are already applying some of what they have learned. That's the mark of success!

McMaster University Faculty Member

SSC Academics: Online is an orientation program offered by the Student Success Centre.

To learn more about what we offer, visit the Student Success Centre website.