Stories From The Arch

Stories From The Arch:

Chronicles of a Mac Student


May 2019

If I were to describe my university journey in five words, it would be: a series of unexpected events.

At the beginning of this school year, I wrote a blog post called Dear First Year Me, in which I wrote about all the tips and advice I would give my first-year self as a final year student. Now, I want to share some things that I was reminded about in my final year.

Many people do not want to think about the possibility of not getting the acceptance they want or having their goals achieved, but it’s better to come to terms with it now than later. I can’t stress enough how it’s okay to not know what you want to do for the rest of your life. Exploring your options is very important.

Apr 2019

I try to focus on the present. Uncertainty scares me just like anyone else, but I try to do my best in living in the moment and doing things that matter the most, such as helping people, being kind and leaving a positive impact on other peoples’ lives.

I think if you want to accomplish something, keeping positive energy inside you is important. When you help people, it comes back to you, so being mindful of other people along the journey of life makes me comfortable and gives me hope about a good future. When things are hard, I believe karma will come around just when it’s needed, and in the end, it will work out. For this reason, I’m prepared for the future and whatever happens in between.

When I first came to McMaster, my GPA took a blow and I was shut down. It was discouraging to see the decline in grades in contrast to the high 80s and 90s I was getting in high school.

After reflecting on my study methods and how I was grasping the information presented to me throughout my courses, I realized that the university curriculum is very different from that of high school and to succeed I must change a few of the habits I had coming in. I came back in second semester being my own competition and motivated more than ever to get myself back up from the slump I was in.