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Your time at McMaster is about more than just your academics; it’s also about everything you learn and experience outside of the classroom. Stories From The Arch, formally called Water Cooler Gossip, comes from this idea of a shared, insider perspective that only McMaster students can tell, like where to find the best Wi-Fi spot on campus or how to get the best selfie with Senator McMaster (and also the 101 on where to find academic help or job tips).

Through humour and personal narratives, Stories From The Arch captures the Marauder experience, told through the perspective of a different upper-year McMaster student each year. There are many challenges we face in undergrad, as we balance our academics, social life, extra-curricular involvement, and jobs, all while trying to figure out what’s next while living in the moment.

Our student blogger can relate or at least help take your mind off some University stressors by giving you that “five minute study break” you promised yourself.

Meet the Blogger

Manveetha Muddaluru

Hello Marauders!

I’m Manveetha Muddaluru, the new Stories From the Arch blogger! I recently finished my fourth year at Mac and will be entering my fifth year this fall. I started off my undergrad degree in the Life Sciences program, but I am now pursuing a degree in Communication Studies. If you would like to know more about my undergrad journey so far, you can read all about it in my LinkedIn Articles on transitioning into university and what I learned during my process of changing programs.

Academically, my interests are all over the place. I’ve taken courses from almost every faculty and at times wish I could be a lifelong student. I love learning about culture, evolution, and psychology. Some of my favourite courses that I’ve taken at Mac have been Race, Religion, and Media (CMST 3RR3), Popular Music in North America and the United Kingdom: Post-World War II (Music 2II3), and Music of Film and Television (Music 2F03). Although I’m still not sure about what I want to do after graduation, I am excited to explore all the possible paths I can take in the upcoming year.

But before I graduate, my goal is to impart as much knowledge about what being a student at McMaster is like, so you too can master things like getting to your classes in the Arts Quad on time by avoiding the busy maze that is the student centre completely. Getting through the crowd between Tims and Teriyaki Experience is no joke, especially in the afternoon!  

Aside from attending classes, my home on campus for the past two years has been the Student Success Centre. Working and volunteering at the Centre has allowed me to make some great friends and find my passion while at Mac: helping fellow students. Through this blog, I want to share my personal experiences with added tips and resources with you regarding anything related to career, employment, academic, and financial success, and much, much more!

Off-campus, I enjoy going to Bayfront Park, visiting Hamilton’s beautiful waterfalls, and getting a bite to eat at the many amazing restaurants the city has to offer. In my free time, I enjoy binge-watching shows on Netflix, as well as going down a YouTube rabbit hole of watching vlogs, and keeping up with the latest pop culture/celeb news. I also really love music and am currently listening to Drake’s Scorpion on repeat! My dream job would be creating playlists for Spotify, having a successful podcast, or being a travel blogger (maybe all three!).

But for now, I’m focused on finishing my degree, making the most of my final year, and of course, sharing all my adventures with you! So, if you are interested in learning more about the chronicles of a Mac student, check out the blog every Wednesday for a new post!

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