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Dear First Year Me

The nervous, shy, intimidated by big crowds and big buildings, me.

There are so many things I wish I could explain to you about the experiences you will have here. As you sit in McKay hall eating Oreo-s and longing for the comfort of your family back home, I remember the pressures you felt as a first year in a place that was so unfamiliar and so different than your little school back in Aurora. I wish I were there to guide you, mentor you, and show you the people you would become great friends with so you didn’t have to deal with the fright of rejection from the people you tried to approach in your first days on campus.

I know you were scared, upset, and alone because even now as your older self, sometimes you still feel that way too. I want to let you know that’s okay. You will be okay. No matter how many times you feel down, remember that four letter word speaks truth. You have so much potential, and your academic and personal achievements now show that. Although you struggled to make friends or find a place you belonged, you are now doing great because of the self-motivation.

I guess that brings me to why I am writing this today; I am writing as a thank you. I am so proud of your ability to wake up and let go of yesterday. You have a tendency to worry about everything but you managed to get pass these problems and shine. Out of all the lessons you have learned, your perseverance is the number one tool to your success. You push yourself, and as I look back I see how little struggles lead to big successes – and how over time every experience provides a new opportunity that can lead to a range of achievements you never even dreamed possible.

I’m not saying we’ve figured it out, or that we’ve made it, but we are definitely getting there. And it’s because of you.

Photo of Taylor Noble

About the Author

Taylor Noble blogged for the Student Success Centre from 2015 to 2016.

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