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Last week I got the opportunity to attend a networking session with TD top recruiter, Nancy Moulday. I found out about the opportunity through OSCARplus (I check there pretty often so I don’t miss out on any events happening on campus) and decided that as a graduating student, I should sign up and grow my network. TD has been a company of interest to me for some time now, so I decided to attend the session and hear what those working at the company had to say about the organization.

McMaster’s TD Bank networking event last week

I signed up for a session called a coffee chat. Coffee chats are around 20 minutes long and they give you a chance to ask your questions in a stress free environment. This is more my style of networking, because it gives me the chance to speak one-on-one with a recruiter.

I signed up for the last coffee chat of the day and was greeted by Nancy with a big smile and a gracious welcome. Once seated, Nancy gave me the low-down on her position as a recruiter and let me know that I could ask her any questions regarding TD or recruiting. From our introductions I found out that Nancy and I share a background in anthropology, which gave me a good perspective of how I can leverage my degree in the industry. It got me thinking about how my degree and skill set can transfer to so many career options.

During our chat, Nancy told me about her career and how she is working on building her #nancyinthehouse brand. From her 23 years of experience in recruiting, she has learned the importance of having a brand. “I know that this helps students branch out and get the information they need,” she said. “As a person who identifies and supports many diverse groups, I want to be available to students so they can ask even more difficult questions; whether it’s about building connections, or figuring out how to disclose illness to supervisors.”

After completing a brand building workshop, the hashtag, #nancyinthehouse was born. “It was a way for me to stand out, and I have now created a position for myself which will let me expand to hundreds of schools and attract students to the events we hold. I even want to build my own ‘tips and tricks’ leaflet to give out to students so they can learn more about the industry.”

I was impressed with the dedication Nancy has to her profession and to helping students find meaningful careers. She explained that it has been an enjoyable process to renew her brand and that the result has been rewarding. “I do these events in hopes that sharing my story may help others figure out how to grow into a position that will suit them and their lifestyle. I am constantly looking to incorporate diversity into my workplace, and I love the opportunity to support leadership in our company.”

I am happy to have attended the event. It was refreshing to speak with someone who understands students and enjoys taking the time to get to know our stories. To find out where Nancy will be next, check #nancyinthehouse on Twitter. I also recommend checking out OSCARplus regularly so you don’t miss out on opportunities like these. It could be your chance to get your name out there and learn about how you can work for the company of your dreams.

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