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What exactly is OSCARplus?

You’re walking to class and you pass by a billboard with a bunch of flyers on it. Your eyes glance across a couple of them: “Student Leadership Conference in January”; “A Long Night Against Procrastination”; “Mary Keyes Certificate”; “Company Coffee Chats” … “These events all sound so interesting” – you think to yourself.

Then your vision stumbles over the same repetitive phrase on each poster: “Register on OSCARplus!”

Suddenly, going to those events feels like a lot of work.

What if I told you that OSCARplus isn’t all that bad? Or, that it’s one of the best-hidden gems on campus?

OSCARplus serves as McMaster’s Online Career and Academic Portal for our “career development, recruitment, and experiential education needs.”

If you’ve heard about OSCARplus, but maybe feel confused about how to NAVIGATE it, then I’d like to show you. While its clean platform with simple menu options creates an illusion of simplicity, there’s a wealth of hidden resources actually at our fingertips.

To make it easier, I’ll take you through a step-by-step journey! Com’mon! (:

1st – Let’s log in as STUDENTS with our Mac ID’s and passwords

Image of a screenshot of the OSCARplus student login webpage.

2nd – We begin at the Dashboard : this is the main page, where we can access any personal uploaded documents, update our account settings, view our individual calendars, see the events we have previously attended or manage any pending appointments.

Image of a screenshot of the OSCARplus Dashboard.

3rd- Here are three blue buttons at the top which provide our main functions. To me, these functions are the most useful and that’s why I have dedicated myself to guiding you through them.

Image of a screenshot of the blue actions buttons found on the OSCARplus main page. The three blue action buttons are "Search Postings", "Register for an Event", and "Book an Appointment". When you click them, there are sub-functions that lead to other action pages.

For the first button labeled SEARCH POSTINGS, there is a choice to apply for SSC postings (General job postings in all of the GTA) or Internships & Coops.

***Remember, there is always a list in further detail of a typology of postings on the left drop down menu.

Image of a screenshot of the left-side drop down menu on the OSCARplus site.

Within these two options, you can organize postings by date, location, and time posted for easier navigation, or search postings by category, field, or program. If you click on the posting, you will find the method of application (which you may upload your CV’s and Resume’s directly on to the website for future use!) and the due date for final applications.

Tip: Save your searches because every time we add a posting that meets your search criteria, the job will appear on your saved search.

***Remember, any time you want to go back to the main page, just use the backwards chain menu and click “My Account”

Image of a screenshot of the backwards chain menu on the OSCARplus site.

For the second button labeled REGISTER FOR AN EVENT, are three categories: Your Faculty Events, SSC Events and Workshops (this is the most useful for me!), and Non-McMaster Events. The most convenient thing about this section is the CALENDAR or LIST view, in which you can organize by type of events, or type of display using toggle buttons on each side.

Image of a screenshot of the OSCARplus Student Success Centre events calendar.

Once you click on these events, you can find the event descriptor, further details, and you can even register right away! Registered events will then appear on your PERSONAL calendar within your Dashboard section, and in your upcoming events. Furthermore, you have the option to be reminded by email so you will never forget your commitments! How benefiting is that? Wow!

For the final button labeled BOOK AN APPOINTMENT, you can choose from SSC appointments (which I will outline further), Mac’s Money Center (financial advising), Career, or Academic and Writing Appointments . You can view these bookings by type and availability.

I want to focus on two specific appointment types that I have found extremely useful throughout my undergraduate degree, and I encourage you to take advantage of them as well!

1. SSC appointments: Include but are not limited to – volunteer and leadership opportunities, career or continuing education advising, employment preparation (career exploration, resume, cover letter, LinkedIn reviews and photo, job search support, networking, interview prep, strategies, personal branding, starting own business), experiential education learning opportunities, minority support, alumni career counselling, decision making, entrepreneurship, experience builder program, immigration & international student support, etc.

2. Academic and Writing: One-on-one academic skills coaching per your availability and academic needs, undergraduate writing assistance as well as graduate writing assistance.

So, as you can see, OSCARplus has A LOT to offer. There is literally something for everyone. Personally, knowing this information has been TRANSFORMATIONAL for my academic and professional career success, however I only found out about it in my third year!

So again, I SERIOUSLY encourage you to play your cards right and “Register on OSCARplus! (haha)”

Stay Motivated,
Mariam Khalil (:

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Mariam Khalil blogged for the Student Success Centre from 2016 to 2017.

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