Stories From The Arch

Stories From The Arch:

Chronicles of a Mac Student


Apr 2018

As students, it’s often tricky to handle so many different aspects of life at once. Additional to all the stress that comes from school, most of us have to look after our own finances as well. One of the best ways to ensure that you have very little to worry about once September comes along is paying attention to your spending habits over the summer.

Sep 2017

The new year of school can be stressful in many different ways. Students tend to worry about their classes, social engagement, finances, health, and numerous other things. Although these are all valuable factors, finances can be a bit more overwhelming, especially considering the fact that there aren’t as many known resources to guide students. We’ve got big tuition payments, textbook costs, and many different living expenses to look after, all while juggling a plethora of different responsibilities.

Nov 2016

It’s that time of year again, when as students, our wallets are emptying out. The holidays are quickly approaching, take-out bills are mounting as we head into exams, and the number of coffees we are buying is increasing exponentially. But please everyone, no need to add to our worries, the Student Success Centre is at our service, providing us with the resources, education, workshops and coaching needed for our financial well-being.

You’re walking to class and you pass by a billboard with a bunch of flyers on it. Your eyes glance across a couple of them: “Student Leadership Conference in January”; “A Long Night Against Procrastination”; “Mary Keyes Certificate”; “Company Coffee Chats” … “These events all sound so interesting” - you think to yourself. Then your vision stumbles over the same repetitive phrase on each poster: “Register on OSCARplus!” Suddenly, going to those events feels like a lot of work.

Aug 2016

As the school year comes to a start, you should be thinking about building habits that will help you to succeed. Probably the first suggestion people will tell you is to put away the phone because it’s a distraction. I think that’s a bit close minded because your phone is a brilliant little piece of technology that has adapted to be a device of success. I encourage you to take advantage of downloadable apps that will make your life ten times easier this year in university.

Apr 2016

Being a Student Success Leader at Mac’s Money Centre was my step into whole new world. I’m a Life Sciences student so being in a finance and business environment was totally new to me. I viewed this position as an opportunity to develop my own financial literacy because, like many students, I had a very basic understanding of finance.

Jan 2016

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This post is inspired by Ariel. No, not the red-headed mermaid that lives under the sea, rather one of my co-workers; or at least she was one of my co-workers as little as 24 hours ago.  Ariel just ended her contract with the SSC and will be moving to the London area to continue pursuing her career in marketing and communications – congrats Ariel!!

Oct 2015

Rent, internet, food, transportation – they all add up. We all know, living on a University budget is challenging, and can seem a little ridiculous to live on. The trick to it all is learning how to budget for the mandatory expenses, and have enough left over for your rainy day fund. It means a lot of planning, and scoping out all of the cheap and free events on campus.