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11 Apps That Students Can’t Live Without

As the school year comes to a start, you should be thinking about building habits that will help you to succeed. Probably the first suggestion people will tell you is to put away the phone because it’s a distraction. I think that’s a bit close minded because your phone is a brilliant little piece of technology that has adapted to be a device of success. I encourage you to take advantage of downloadable apps that will make your life ten times easier this year in university.

1. EverNote

EverNote is a study app that can take your course content and create study materials for you to practice from. You can find different versions of this in your App store. ExamTime is another great option as well.

2. Any.Do

Do yourself a favour and download an app that will help you stay on top of your soon-to-be overwhelming workload. Any.Do lets you create that ever growing to-do list and with its layout directly on your phone you will always stay on top of your tasks.

3. Social Apps

This is also for success – of your social life ?. Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are there to help you stay connected with the new people you meet, friends from home, and of course, your family. Also, here’s a tip: parents LOVE Skype, for some reason video chats absolutely blow their minds.

4. Sleep Cycle

Sleep is one thing you need but I am going to be blatantly honest when I say you will never get enough of it. There are always one million things going on and sleep will become less and less of a priority. We all know that we should try to get the most restful sleep we can while we have the chance, so I recommend Sleep Cycle. Sleep Cycle is an app that works to correct your sleep patterns to help you get restful sleep. A new one that I’ve just heard about is Alarmy: Sleep if you can. It’s an app that helps you get up in the morning. It requires you to do a task before the alarm shuts off. This might be a great app for you, but maybe not so great for your roommates. Roommates beware ?

5. Dropbox and Google Drive

The expression don’t cry over spilt milk is very relevant when it comes to the loss of your entire hard drive. This is a serious possibility and don’t be fooled into thinking it won’t happen to you because it happens All. The. Time. Save your documents to Dropbox so you can minimize the risk of total asset loss.

6. EasyBib

NEVER FORGET TO SOURCE YOUR WORK. Not only is it a bad habit, but it’s also a serious offense. EasyBib helps you create references really quick, so take use of it. Huge time saver.

7. SelfControl

This app is what every student really needs to be productive. I would get so distracted by social media that I’d make my sister change my passwords. I would cut myself off for the entire month of exams and would not get the password back until I finished the term. Instead of completely shutting off your connection, use this app, and it will block distracting websites while you work.

8. Duolingo

Want to learn a language, or take a language course? Duolingo makes the process a lot easier. This app would also be great to have if you are going on exchange, as it can help you learn the basics before you get to your destination.

9. Snap2PDF

How many times have you asked someone to take a picture of something and send it to you so you can have access to the information? Snap2PDF lets you take photos and turn them directly into PDFs to share and refer to when you need it.


Now that you need to handle money more independently, be wise about it. helps you keep track of your spending and finances. Control yourself and your budget because it’s a great habit to start sooner rather than later ?

11. TED

I think that TED talks are such a valuable way of learning. If you have some time to spare before class, and you want to learn a thing or two, TED talks are literally the easiest way to do this. Super easy and super interesting.

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Taylor Noble blogged for the Student Success Centre from 2015 to 2016.

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  1. We are getting so dependent on different applications for everything we do on a typical day. If a cellphone was taken away from us, we would not be able to achieve half the things.

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