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When life gets too stressful, go to a concert.

It’s been a hectic month so far. Do you ever just experience one minor inconvenience and then feel like everything is falling apart?

Earlier this month, I lost my card holder with my student card and bus pass on my way home from my night class. I didn’t want to wait for the bus, so I decided to walk even though it was really windy. But, when I got home and checked my pocket, where I thought I had my student card and bus pass, I realized I had lost it.

I walked all the way back to campus re-tracing my steps in the cold and didn’t have any luck finding it. Since I had lost my bus pass, I had to walk all the way back home in the freezing cold. After filling out a lost and found form with the McMaster Security Services, I couldn’t even be bothered to work on an assignment that was due soon. All I wanted to do was cry, but I was so frustrated with life that, as Ariana says, I didn’t have any tears left to cry. I just went to bed and hoped some kind soul would find it.

I left like losing my student card was some sort of a metaphor for the identity crisis I was having. Being in my final year and drowning in deadlines, I’ve been having a tough time focusing on my school work because of the uncertainty of my future. I took a lighter course load in hopes that I would be living my ideal ‘best life’ this year, spending more time with friends, but also researching different career paths and job searching. But I completely underestimated the amount of work I would have due to taking mostly upper year courses, volunteering, and work.

Whenever I’m on Instagram I’m reminded of the things I don’t have time for when I see my friends who’ve graduated or have a less hectic semester enjoying themselves and doing things I want to do. I just feel like I haven’t been spending enough time taking care of myself. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said the word “stress” in the past couple of months, I would have half the money I needed to pay back my OSAP.

I knew I needed a change of environment and perspective. So, I went to a Young The Giant concert in Toronto two days after I lost my student card and hung out with a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while. Even though I had a quiz the next day at 8:30 a.m., physically leaving Hamilton and the McMaster campus, which I associate with stress, helped me get out of the hopeless slump I was in and gain a new perspective on my life.

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Being there at the concert and singing along with others forced me to be in the moment and stop worrying about my day-to-day stresses. This change in environment, even for a couple of hours, was so energizing that I came back from the concert feeling more motivated to get through the rest of the semester.

My hope was further renewed when a fellow McMaster student had found my student card and contacted me to pick it up! That’s when I realized that I had way too many hours stressing and mentally re-tracing all my actions that day to figure out where I lost my student card. I could have just been living in the present, like at the concert, rather than worrying about things I can’t change. Everything would have worked out fine in the end anyway.

From this entire ordeal, I learned a bigger life lesson than being more careful with my belongings. I realized that it’s important to stop for a minute, take a moment away from a stressful situation, and do something you enjoy rather than worrying over something you don’t have control over.

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Manveetha Muddaluru is the blogger for the Student Success Centre’s Stories From the Arch blog for the 2018 – 2019 year.

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