June 06, 2022 to June 17, 2022

Second-year students, let’s work on our academic writing

Are you ready to move beyond the five-paragraph essay? In this highly interactive two-week program, you’ll gain a better understanding of the research and writing skills you need to meet university expectations. Learn how to create research questions, explore scholarly articles in your field, synthesize ideas and give structure to your writing. Plus, you’ll learn about valuable writing supports on campus. In a previous year, 100% of participants shared they would recommend the program to a friend.

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Student writing in a lecture hall

What I learned in second-year, as a fourth-year student

1. Invest time in building your skills Everyone wants to succeed, get good grades, and feel confident in their academic abilities...

Students in a lecture on their laptop

My first year vs. my fourth year

After four years, I learned a lot and I hope this advice helps you through your own journey. I encourage...

Student typing on a laptop

Ways to organize your time in university

Today, I will be focusing on organizing your time and using time pockets outside of class to get some studying...

Finding the right study spots on campus

There are many great spots on campus for a variety of types of studying and it is important that you...