Thinking about the Wilson Leadership Scholar Award? Here’s what you need to know

We know applying for awards can be daunting, so we’ll keep this brief. You don’t need to feel like a leader to apply — just like you want to make a difference.

Get a sneak peek of the WLSA experience at Canada: Theory Meets Practice, a WLSA case study series.

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January 19, 2022

The Wilson Leadership Scholar Award (WLSA) is a career-launching opportunity worth $12,000 in direct funding and up to $2,000 in experiential funding. In addition to the financial reward, WLSA recipients get to join a tight-knit community of inspiring change-makers, learn from mentors and guest leaders, develop skills and work on projects related to topics of national importance.

Note: The information on this page is for current McMaster undergraduate and graduate students. If you’re an external prospective graduate student, review the guidelines for external applicants on this page.

There are seven spots for undergraduate students and three spots for graduate students.

The award is open to Canadian citizens, permanent residents and international students. If you’re an undergraduate student, you must be in your second-last year to apply. If you’re a graduate student, you can hold the award in any year of full-time studies. Learn more about WLSA eligibility.

The WLSA is open to all leadership styles, including new and aspiring leaders. We all start somewhere, and you might be more of a leader than you think. Keep your momentum going by applying for the WLSA.

The WLSA isn’t about academic accomplishments or having started a student club. It’s more about what motivates you and how you’ll use that motivation next in your journey.

Do you want to make a difference? If you answered yes, you should apply.

Apply on AwardSpring, McMaster’s online award platform, if you’re a current McMaster student. Start your application now so you can send your reference letter writer an invitation through AwardSpring.

Contact if you have questions or need support.

Applications for the undergraduate awards are due January 31, 2022. Applications for the graduate awards (including from prospective graduate students) are due March 28, 2022.