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Strategic Priorities

A safe, inclusive and healthy educational environment

Unsure if Welcome Week is for you? McMaster is committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive, safe and healthy educational environment which supports personal and academic success. We achieve this through our four strategic themes: supporting mental health and wellness, preventing and responding to sexual violence, responsible drinking, and engaging with community.

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Supporting Mental Health and Wellness

Student well-being and mental health are critical foundations for student success. We are committed to creating a culture of caring and support, and recognize that improving the health of our campus is a collective effort and shared commitment. Our community of staff members, faculty, and students are equipped with information about how to identify, respond and refer a student in distress. Through our messaging, programming, and policies, we model the importance of wellness, self-care, resilience and social responsibility.

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Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence

At McMaster University, we are committed to taking action to prevent and respond to sexual violence through training delivery, active programming and critical messaging. We place the highest priority on survivor safety and ensuring that the campus is a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment for all members of our community. Together, we make certain all students, faculty and staff know where to go for support, ensure the main tenants of what constitutes healthy and positive relationships are understood, and reassure the campus community of University policies that are in place to respond in a timely and sensitive manner to sexual violence or the threat of sexual violence.

Picture of a sign that says: What's in your cup? 42% of McMaster students had between 0 - 2 alcoholic drinks the last time they partied.

Responsible Drinking

All events sanctioned by McMaster University during Welcome Week are alcohol-free to promote the safety and well-being of our students. Students who choose to drink alcohol during Welcome Week and orientation are encouraged to do so responsibly, set limits and should be aware of supports and resources for addressing over consumption. Making new friends and socializing is a priority for many students during orientation events, including Welcome Week. It is our priority to ensure students are safe, know what to do if they find a peer in need of assistance and know that there are services available in case assistance is required.

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Engaging with our Community

Community engagement is a key part of who we are as an institution. As our President shares, “McMaster has demonstrated throughout its history that outstanding academic work can be an extraordinary force for the good of human beings, society, and nature; so our task in the future must be to consolidate and deepen that contribution” (Forward with Integrity, 8). At McMaster, we are intentional in our efforts to engage incoming students in on- and off-campus experiential learning opportunities, so that students recognize themselves as active and integral members of our campus and the Hamilton community. In doing such, students will have a greater understanding of their role in contributing to the success and flourishment of our city, and will recognize the richness that the cultural and social diversity of our students bring to our community. It is through intentional and meaningful involvement at the University and within the City that students will experience a deepened sense of connection and feeling of being home.