Tax Squad volunteers and thank-you event.

Reduce stress this tax season with help from Mac’s Money Centre

March to April 2024

We know that tax season — the time when Canadians are required to prepare and file their income tax returns — can be stressful. But the good news is that, as a student, you’re likely to get money back by filing your taxes. And we can help.

Here’s what you need to know before, during and after exams. 

March to April 2024

Are you feeling ready for exams? It’s okay if you’re not quite there yet. Exams can be stressful, but it helps to make a study and self-care plan. We’ve got resources to help. Get ready for exams with our workshops, study sessions, resources and more — all in one place.

Students and staff onstage wearing cultural clothing.

New Intercultural Learning Certificate open to all McMaster students

March 2024

The Intercultural Learning Certificate, a new program hosted by the Student Success Centre, is here to help all McMaster students recognize, celebrate and encourage cross-cultural communication. There’s a diverse selection of events to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that fits your interests and passion for intercultural learning.


Student Journeys

Navigating University as a First-Generation Student

Immigration is a common theme in my family’s history. In the early twentieth century, my great grandparents left Okinawa and Japan in pursuit of a better life. Their month-long voyageacross the Pacific Ocean led them to the shores of Callao, Peru, where they found the promise of opportunity.

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Alexa Braverman, fourth year, Howard Schimmer, fourth year, Ryan Vo, third year, Linh Nguyen, third year, Aaron Roodhart, third year, Dina Elhanan, fourth year and Amanda Round, fourth year.

Summer job search advice from McMaster students

Unsure how to secure a summer job? You are not alone. In this article, you’ll learn how seven upper-years found their roles, including their successful and not-so-successful job search methods.

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