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What you need to know about contract cheating as a university student

By Karen Rosenberg, PhD

Contract cheating, the process of hiring a third-party company to complete your assignment, is a growing business scam. Companies target stressed-out students and offer to write their papers and exams for them. These companies don’t mention that this is called contract cheating and can get students into real trouble.

Do not attend street parties.

Attending a street party could result in fines up to $10,000

September 28 to October 2, 2022

The City of Hamilton has introduced a bylaw to discourage disruptive and dangerous street parties. Anyone attending a street party runs the risk of receiving fines from the City of Hamilton that go as high as $10,000. Starting September 28 until October 2, there is a zero-tolerance zone in the residential area around campus.

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So, you attended Fall Career Fair. Now what?

Fall 2022

You’ve connected with employers and discovered exciting positions you’d like to apply for. Great! It’s easy — although sometimes intimidating — to submit your resume and cover letter and be done with it. But how can you set yourself apart from other applicants who also attended the fair? Check out these tips for guidance.


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Transition to Work 

Understanding the Job Offer  Read the entire offer carefully and ask questions (ie. Human resources, direct supervisor) if unsure about...

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Citing correctly using Purdue OWL

Access Purdue Online Writing Lab’s citation guides from their website. Select the Online Writing Lab From the menu on the...

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Choosing and developing an essay topic

Your topic is what you’re writing about. Topics can be questions or problems (and theses can be answers or solutions). When choosing a...

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Career fair preparation

Career fairs are events that connects McMaster students and alumni with employers to provide information to students, about their respective...

Student Journeys

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Building connections and taking risks in university

Networking can be constant and overwhelming, but there are ways to easily implement building connections into your daily life. For instance, saying “hi” to the person sitting next to you in a lecture or engaging with your group mates during course projects. An especially important network is your professors and building connections with them. Taking […]

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5 tips to overcome job search fatigue

Maintaining a healthy balance while searching for new employment can be overwhelming. As a student completing their second post-graduate certificate, working part-time, trying to make time for family, friends and myself, and searching for new job opportunities, trust me when I say I understand the struggle.

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