Spiritual Care

Our model

The Spiritual Care and Learning Centre (SCLC) is a multicultural network of community leaders and resource groups working in collaboration to provide spiritual care services. At the SCLC, we value each individual as a person (mind, body and spirit) deserving of love and care. We acknowledge the importance of community in our daily lives and the significant role it plays in our larger sense of identity, whether that identity is religious, secular, spiritual (RSS) or otherwise. Additionally, we recognize that the McMaster RSS community isn’t singular — it consists of many religious, secular and spiritual communities.

We foster collaboration between religious, secular and spiritual communities to share wisdom and practices and coexist in a safe and respectful way. As such, we encourage you to expose yourself to cultures and practices you aren’t familiar with to build greater understanding and develop deeper relationships with your peers.

Our Services

Group of students sitting, laughing in a group on campus.

This Spiritual Care and Learning Centre is a result of the efforts of the Interfaith Working Group (IFWG), part of the McMaster President's Advisory Committee for Building an Inclusive Community (PACBIC).

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