Financial Wellness

Did you know that finances are one of the top stressors facing students? One of the most empowering things you can do as a student is take control of your financial decision-making and wellness. That’s where we can help. Mac’s Money Centre is a resource available to all students. We offer workshops, tax services to students and the community year round, and host a number of educational campaigns and events with financial experts, based on financial topics of-interest, shared with us by students.

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10 things about money every first-year student should know: Financial tips for McMaster students

How to take control of your finances in first year and beyond

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Fraud Awareness Month

Fraud Awareness Month Event

Mac’s Money Centre can help you protect yourself (and your money!) from scams and financial fraud Anyone can be a...

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Tax Season

Tax Season Event

Free tax support! Reduce stress this tax season with help from Mac’s Money Centre We know that tax season —...

Student holding up a blue plastic piggy bank.

Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month Event

It’s time to get empowered and take control of your finances. Your future self will thank you. We’re here to...