10 favourite food spots, on and off McMaster campus

Hey Marauders! Let’s chat about food. As a new student in a new city, I was really curious about finding new food places. Lucky for you there are so many great food options very close to campus that we hope will satisfy all of your cravings. 

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July 20, 2023

By: Nabeelah (McMaster Graduate, Biology, Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour)

On campus

  1. Teriyaki Experience: When walking through MUSC (the student centre) on your way to class, you may stop and wonder why there is such a large and inconvenient line taking up part of your path – it’s because Teriyaki Experience is back and open for business. This is always a solid and affordable option when you want to stay on campus to eat.
  2. The Phoenix patio: If you have been on a campus tour it is likely that you have heard some sort of trivia fact about The Phoenix and its massive patio. They have really great food options, you must try the cauliflower wings and with its abundance of outdoor seating it definitely makes my list.

Off campus

  1. Sushi shop on Main Street: It is not the cheapest deal for sushi but it makes up for it with its freshness, quality and convenience. They have a large menu with a bunch of specialty rolls. It is definitely a restaurant to visit.
  2. Pancake House on Main Street: This restaurant right on Main Street has a very traditional diner atmosphere and is an excellent option in the morning for breakfast or brunch. They make delicious classic breakfast options and are extremely reasonably priced.
  3. Subway on Main Street: Subway is a convienent, 24/7 food choice that is close to campus. It is good to be aware of this option as it will likely come in handy more than once in your undergraduate career.
  4. Caribbean Flavah on Main Street: I love Caribbean food and Caribbean Flavah definitely meets and surpasses expectations when I am craving it. They are very close to campus on Main Street right off of the 403 highway. They have great portions, delicious food, and an amazingly priced lunch special. I definitely recommend checking it out if you love Caribbean food like me.
  5. Boston Pizza on Main Street: I know it is a massive chain restaurant and not necessarily that exciting, however this can be a fun place to go with friends on their karaoke and trivia nights. They will often have deals on appetizers and specials during these events and this is probably the restaurant of choice for club executive member socials. I would also recommend joining a club!
  6. Bread Bar on Locke Street: For those fun family visits when you just need a nice, close option Bread Bar on Locke Street works perfectly. It offers a nice sit-in experience with really tasty food, typically American faire, with a pleasant atmosphere.
  7. Saigon House Restaurant on John Street: If you love Korean Barbecue or just love to eat, Saigon House Restaurant is a great place to go for an all you can eat option. It is a little bit further from campus in downtown Hamilton on John Street, but is very accessible by HRT (which Mac students ride for free with their presto). It is the closest option for this type of food and is always a great experience, especially with a group of friends.

Food places that accept student card off campus

  1. Pita n’ More: This restaurant is definitely a primary contributor to me spending all of my flex dollars on my meal plan. If you love shawarma like I do, their shawarma plates are delicious. Not to mention it is extremely close to campus, is open fairly late, and accepts student cards – what a magical place.
  2. Quick Chik: This restaurant is an amazing alternative to popeyes if you don’t feel like making the trek down Main Street towards Osler. This was my go-to place when I was craving a chicken sandwich in first year. Be wary of the fact that it does close early so if you have a late night craving, you might you have to wait until lunch the next day.
  3. Bar Burrito: You can never go wrong with a good burrito bowl especially if you can pay for it using your student card. Only a 10-minute walk from campus, this remains my favourite burrito place to this day.
Nabeelah student blogger

Nabeelah (she/her) is the program support assistant for the Student Success Centre’s (SSC) academic skills team. She has recently graduated from the Biology, Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour program here at McMaster University. Outside of school, she loves to play tennis, bake and hang out with friends and family.