10 Years of SSC Stories: Alumni optimism

October 23, 2020

By: Juliet Dhanraj

The Student Success Centre has done an excellent job in alumni engagement and event-based programming with its in-person [pre-COVID-19] and online workshops and webinars exploring relevant topics such as job search strategies, in-demand skills, hiring trends, networking, career pivoting, etc. I always leave having learned something new and valuable. While I enjoyed all the events I have attended, two events stand out to me — the Alumni Travel Showcase and Kick-Start Your Career.

My involvement with the Student Success Centre has given me a deep sense of belonging to my alma mater, and it is part of my best memories of McMaster University. A huge shout-out to Anne-Marie Middel (associate director, Alumni Engagement) and Jillian Perkins-Marsh (alumni career counsellor, SSC) for their support and the opportunity to give back to fellow alumni as a Job Search Essential (JSE) volunteer. This has been an invaluable and enjoyable experience for me.

Hats off to the Student Success Centre for the awesome work you do — you rock!

Juliet Dhanraj

About Juliet

Juliet Dhanraj is a McMaster grad and former Job Search Essential (JSE) volunteer.