10 Years of SSC Stories: Developing skills and knowledge after graduation

October 7, 2020

By: Samuel Asare

To all the members at McMaster’s Student Success Centre, I sincerely thank you for your workshops, community events, one-on-one appointments and job shadow programs. I have discovered my career path and developed the knowledge and skills necessary to market myself.

Transitioning from university has been one of my biggest challenges. I absolutely could not have done it without you all at the Student Success Centre. You all have helped me to develop valuable job search strategies by reflecting on my strengths, values and interests. With your highly interactive workshops, I developed how to engage in career conversations, prepare for job interviews and write highly effective resumes and cover letters. I even had the opportunity to connect and cultivate professional relationships while exploring careers of interest through the Success Centre’s job shadow program.

As a proud McMaster grad, once again thank you for encouragement and support.

Happy tenth Anniversary!

Samuel Asare

About Samuel

Samuel Asare is a proud McMaster grad.