Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

Enhance your academic skills through one-on-one coaching.

Whether you are in the first term of your first year or just about to graduate, an appointment with an Academic Coach can shine light on your academic and personal management skills development.

Reasons to meet with an Academic Coach:

  • You are struggling to keep up with assignments.
  • You would like to learn tips and strategies for studying, note-taking and test-taking.
  • You want to focus on setting and achieving goals.
  • You want to gain confidence about your academic progress and abilities.
  • You need motivation from a peer who has been in similar situations.

What We Do


Here are some of the things our Academic Coaches do:

  • Teach skills and strategies so you can become better organized
  • Share the latest best practices for managing time, studying and test taking
  • Share tips on how to be a great learner
  • Build awareness of McMaster resources
  • Help you book appointments with the Undergrad Writing Centre and Professional Staff

General Tips

  • Think about what you want to focus on before your appointment.
  • Be open to hearing about new ways of approaching your learning.
  • Bring your class schedule.

Each writing assistant had incredibly valuable tips and ideas. Every time, my essay came out with the potential to be twice as good as it was before.

McMaster University Student

Book an Appointment


Academic Coaches are located in Mills Library, second floor, in the Learning Commons.

Appointments can be booked on OSCARplus.

Drop-in appointments are available.

Appointment Guidelines

Appointments are 30 minutes long. You can make as many appointments as you would like in a semester.

What to Bring

Your class schedule
Your notebook
An open mind to learning new strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

Your coach will offer you a Learning Skills Inventory. Between yourself and your coach, you will build an agenda for the session that focuses on your areas of concern. Using open-ended and positive questions, your coach will help you develop your academic skills by highlighting your past successes and motivating you to achieve future success.

You can book as many sessions as you need to help you thrive at McMaster.

You can cancel appointments in OSCARplus. If you have difficulty using OSCARplus, email

Please try to cancel appointments as far in advance as possible so that another person can take advantage of that time.

No-shows can cause problems for our services because appointments are then blocked for other students who need them. If you fail to show up for an appointment three times, you will be unable to book more appointments at the Undergrad Writing Centre for the remainder of the semester.

Generally, seeking an Academic Coach from your Faculty is not necessary. Coaches are trained using a holistic approach, not one that is discipline specific. We cannot support you with disciplinary content. Examples of disciplinary content include interpreting statistics, course-specific terminology and content.

We all have areas of strengths and areas where we can improve. Academic Coaches can give you new strategies to try when studying for a big test or to help you with note-taking. They can also help your time management by giving you tips on how to overcome procrastination. Meeting with an Academic Coach may also improve your confidence in academics, and this may spill over into other areas of your life.