One-on-One Skills Coaching

Whether you’re preparing for your first year or finishing up your final year, reflecting on your academic performance will help you succeed in university. Our academic coaches will work with you to identify and develop the skills and strategies you need to succeed academically.

Get personalized academic support

Are you unsure how to improve your grades? Or maybe you need help developing effective strategies for studying and working on assignments. Meet with our academic coaches one-on-one to receive personalized academic support.

Our academic coaches are upper-year peer mentors who can help you develop your academic skills.

Reasons to meet with an academic coach:

  • You want to explore new academic strategies for studying, working on assignments, time management and more.
  • You need help making a realistic study or assignment work plan.
  • You aren’t sure which skills you should work to develop.

Our academic coaches can help you:

  • Build organizational skills.
  • Learn best practices for time management, studying and test-taking.
  • Develop learning strategies.
  • Discover valuable McMaster resources to support your academic success.

Academic coaching appointments are 30 minutes long, and you can book as many appointments as you need in a semester. At this time, all appointments will take place online using Zoom. After you register on OSCARplus, we’ll contact you to set up your appointment and share any additional details.

What to bring to your appointment:

  • Your class schedule
  • Specific ideas for what skills you want to develop
  • Ideas and questions about your learning strategies, studying habits and so on

Academic coaching FAQ

What happens during an appointment with an academic coach?

At the appointment, your coach will help you complete a learning skills inventory to identify your learning style and areas where you can improve. Using open-ended, positive questions, your coach will help you understand your study and work habits so that you can develop new skills and strategies to improve your academics.

How many appointments can I book?

You can book as many appointments as you need each semester.

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Do I need to meet with an academic coach from the same Faculty?

Our academic coaches are trained using a holistic approach, meaning they can teach you learning strategies that can help you in any subject or course.

If you need help with specific course content or concepts, you can meet with a peer tutor through the Undergrad Peer Tutoring Network.

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I’m pretty confident in my academic skills. Can academic coaching still help me?

We all have strengths and areas where we can improve. By meeting with an academic coach, you can learn new strategies to help you study, take better notes, overcome procrastination and get the most out of your university experience. Additionally, through academic coaching, you can gain confidence in your academic skills, which can help you grow and meet your university goals.

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