Canadian workplace rules for international students

Are you an international student or a newcomer to Canada? Are you getting acquainted with the Canadian workplace culture? There are many kinds of rules in Canada that might differ from another society.
August 3, 2022

This guide will take you through some Canadian workplace cultures that will help with the transition from on culture to another.

Written rules

These are often policies and procedures written on paper by a company or organization. Company rules help to create and maintain good working conditions while also assisting employees in understanding their work responsibilities. These are usually different for each workplace. Rules about sick leave and employee benefits are two examples. Consult your contract for more information.

Unwritten rules

These are certain values, behaviours and ways of communicating that are accepted and used by everyone
in Canadian society. Here are few examples of unwritten rules:

  • Saying “please” when asking for a favour or saying “thank you” when someone holds a door open
  • Using headphones or a headset while on calls in an office space
  • Knocking before visiting a co-worker’s room or personal cubicle and asking if they are available
  • Cleaning up after yourself in the break room
  • Staying away from office gossip

Government rules

In Canada, both the Parliament of Canada and the Ontario Legislature can make labour laws. These are the kinds of rules that are binding or required, and everyone must follow these rules.

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