Career fairs: After the fair 

The career fair is over. Now what? Many attendees leave the fair and hope to receive a follow-up from the employer. However, successful job seekers continue to engage with their employer connections for days and weeks after the fair.
October 20, 2023

Follow up 

Optimize your chances of getting an interview (or job offer) by following up with companies you interacted with during the fair. This will help them remember you, and it shows that you’re truly interested and proactive in your job search. Use their email or send them a message on LinkedIn. (Try to find out their preference during the fair if you can.)

When you contact the organization, provide your name, school and program, and explain where you met and why you’re contacting them. Provide your contact information at the end of the follow-up. Tell them something you learned about the company or the role they’re recruiting for while reiterating your interest and thanking them for their time.

When providing an email address, make sure it’s a professional one, such as your McMaster email (this will help connect you to the school and the fair).

Invite to connect on LinkedIn 

Visit your new contact’s LinkedIn profile and send your request from there. On the browser version, you have the option to add a note. The LinkedIn app doesn’t let you do this, so use a computer. Reference something from your conversation and thank them for their time. Follow the organization on social media (i.e., LinkedIn, Twitter) and stay informed.


If you haven’t already, submit your application online — especially if the recruiter requests you to do so. Don’t forget to mention that you connected with a recruiter (include their name) at the career fair or recruitment event in your application (e.g. cover letter). Mention something you learned about the company or role in your cover letter as part of why you’re interested in applying.

Additional contacts 

If a company representative provides you with a referral for an informational interview, promptly follow up with the new contact and arrange to connect. After the informational interview, message the company representative to thank them and update them on how it went.

If you did not get any contacts, try the Alumni and Partner Advisor Network to find out if there are any connections with the employer to continue building your momentum with that organization.

Build your career skills 

  • The SSC offers professional services on resume writing, skill development, interviewing, LinkedIn, job search coaching, accommodation and disclosure in the workplace coaching, and more.
  • Are you unsure about your options or suitability for career paths? We have career counsellors that can help you navigate the career planning process.
  • Check OSCARplus for events, company recruitment sessions, workshops and job and volunteer postings to support your professional development.
  • Search for work and volunteer opportunities to build your career-ready skills.