September 27, 2022 @ 10:00 AM to September 27, 2022 @ 03:00 PM
McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC) Atrium

Your education journey doesn’t have to stop after your undergrad

Explore your further education options by attending the Graduate and Professional Schools fair, where you can discover all the programs that are available to you. We’re excited to host the fair in person this year, so you can connect face to face with school reps, pick up brochures, expand your network and more.  

Even if you haven’t made the final decision to continue your education after your undergrad, we still recommend attending the fair to explore your options and find out what’s available to you. Remember, you education and career paths are what you make of them.  

Why attend? 

  • Explore a range of further education options, from graduate, medical and professional schools to postgraduate certificate programs. 
  • Ask school reps questions about applications and admissions. 
  • Connect with SSC career counsellors and staff who can help guide you through the process. 
  • The fair is taking place in the McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC) Atrium. Review the campus map if you need help finding it.
  • No registration is necessary.
  • Drop in at any time during the event to browse booths. Learn about different programs, chat with school reps and ask questions to help improve your application.
  • Remember to collect brochures, contact information and additional details from the schools and programs that interest you. This way, you’ll be prepared when it comes time to apply.
  • Tip: Don’t worry if you’re feeling nervous or intimidated. The school reps are excited about the potential of you joining their programs, so they’re eager to meet you! Plus, meeting them in person is the best way to learn what makes a great application.
Canadian Academy of Osteopathy
Centennial College
Conestoga College
Dalhousie University Corporate Residency MBA Program
DeGroote School of Business- MBA
Department of Immunology, University of Toronto
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education at the University of Toronto
Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies – Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Humber College
Institute of Medical Science, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Ivey Business School
KOM Consultants – Study in Australia, UK and Ireland
Lakehead University – Faculty of Graduate Studies
Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
Lincoln Alexander Law
Master of Biotechnology Program
Master of Data Analytics Professional Masters Program, Western University, Faculty of Science
Master of Environment and Sustainability
Master of Psychotherapy
Master of Public Policy Program – McMaster University
Master of Science in Biomedical Communications
MMI Master of Management of Innovation Program
MSc eHealth, McMaster University
MSc in Sustainability Management
Polytechnique Montréal
Queen’s University School of Policy Studies
Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, University of Toronto
Ross University School of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, AUC School of Medicine
Rotman School of Management
Saba University School of Medicine
Seneca College
Sheridan College
St. George’s University School of Medicine
State University of New York, Binghamton University
Study in UK North America
The Michener Institute of Education at UHN
Trent University
Trent University
Tyndale University
University of Guelph, Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
University of Medicine and Health Sciences
University of Toronto – Department of Medical Biophysics
University of Toronto – Master of Management & Professional Accounting (MMPA)
University of Toronto Department of Physiology
University of Toronto Mississauga
University of Toronto, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Toronto, School of the Environment
University of Victoria
UTSC Department of Physical & Environmental Science
Western Atlantic University School of Medicine
Western University – Faculty of Education

Why should I attend?

  • Gather information about various program options
  • Research a university, college or program you may be interested in attending.
  • Talk with further education representatives about their program and career paths.

Not sure what to ask a representative? Here are some ideas:


  • What do you wish more students would know about your program or the application process?
  • Can I follow up with you if I have more questions? What is the best way to reach you?
  • Are there any information sessions I should be aware of?


  • What advice can you give to students who are concerned with their GPA?
  • Besides my GPA, what else can I do to prepare a strong application?
  • Sometimes students experience a term of low marks for various reasons.  Is there an area on your application that provides a space to explain extraordinary circumstances?
  • How do I make up prerequisites?
  • How do you calculate the GPA?  Is there a minimum GPA versus the reality of those accepted?
  • Will the spring/summer course grades be counted towards last year grades?
  • When I drop a course and/or withdrawn and/or cancelled, how is this considered?

General Application

  • What are some tips you have on selecting references?
  • At what stage do references become part of the selection process?  How important is a strong reference?
  • What if I don’t have an academic reference?
  • Does my academic reference need to be from a subject area that aligns with my grad application?
  • How is my extracurricular and volunteer experiences taken into account in my application?
  • Do you accept applications after the deadline?

Diversity Recruitment

  • Do you have any access strategies that students might want to know?
  • What are your diversity recruitment streams?  Can you share the advantages (or disadvantages) of applying through a particular stream?
  • Do you have particular resources (ex. webinars, peer conversations) to assist me with my application process?

Internationally-focused Programs

  • For professional programs abroad, what are some advice you’d give to students who want to return to Canada? What due diligence should be done?

Employment Opportunities

  • What is the employment outlook for this program?
  • What kinds of careers do your grads end up doing?
  • Are there career services available?

Program Specific

  • What’s a program that you wish more students knew about?
  • What are some of your most popular programs?
  • How is the program structured (classes, projects, research etc.?)
  • What is unique about the way the program is run compared to other schools?
  • Does your program meet the requirements of the regulary body (for regulated professional programs.)?
  • Is there an opportunity for co-ops, placements, or internships as part of this program? What supports are offered?
  • What are the benefits of doing a graduate certificate versus a graduate degree?
  • Do you have multiple start dates for program(s)?

Are you unsure about your options or suitability for career paths?

  • We have career counsellors that can help you navigate the career planning process.
  • Check OSCARplus for events, company recruitment sessions, workshops and job and volunteer postings to support your professional development.





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