How to prepare for a company information session

July 28, 2022

What is a company information session? 

Companies that want to increase students’ awareness of their organization or hire McMaster students will often host virtual information sessions. At these events, you get to learn about a company’s culture, values and opportunities. This information is valuable when you’re exploring your options and deciding whether to apply to a particular company. 

Who can attend? 

Companies typically share whether there are Faculty or level restrictions for their information sessions or opportunities. However, if an employer has not specified the Faculty or year of study, all students are welcome to attend. It’s never too early to start researching companies. 

What should I wear? 

Employers may recommend a dress code, such as business dress, business casual or casual. For most information sessions, we recommend that you dress as if you were going to an interview. Additionally, for virtual sessions, ensure your background is free from clutter for when you appear on camera. Remember, first impressions are important. 

What should I expect? 

Typically, information sessions include a video or presentation from company representatives that share what the company does, what it’s like to work there and information on current employment opportunities. There’s usually a question-and-answer (Q&A) period as well. Remember to bring a list of questions to ask. 

How do I prepare? 

  • Research the company. 
  • Prepare questions to ask during or after the session. 
  • Prepare your “30-second sell” outlining your skills. Practice so you can express your strengths or “selling points” with confidence. 
  • If there is more than one recruiter, try to chat with all presenters after the session. Remember who you chatted with -you can include their name(s) on your cover letter if you apply to the company. 

Online etiquette (also known as “netiquette”) 

  • Arrive on time. 
  • Keep yourself on mute unless you have a question. You can also ask questions in the chat. However, pay attention to find out the preferred method for each specific session. 
  • Dress appropriately in case there are breakout rooms or you’re required to be on camera. 
  • Take notes. 
  • Don’t monopolize a recruiter or representative’s time; know when to end the conversation. 
  • Visit the Student Support & Case Management website for more information about netiquette at McMaster.