It’s possible

The Canadian Career Development Foundation’s Career Month theme this year is all about the fact that it’s possible, whatever "it" means for you.
November 12, 2021

By: Kerri Latham (career counsellor)

“It’s possible” is a powerful phrase because it’s hopeful and action oriented. It can help us think bigger, set goals and motivate us to expand our options and make a plan for what’s next, regardless of any setbacks you experienced prior. It’s reassuring to know that your goals are still possible. It may seem like a cliché, but if you can think of it, then you can do it.

Let’s finish the sentence to create some motivating statements

It’s possible…

  • To imagine and feel excited about my career options and plans
  • To really understand my strengths, interests and priorities 
  • To make a meaningful impact in my career
  • To gain experiences and expand my skills and abilities

How would you finish the statement?

Think about it. Chances are, whatever comes to your mind first is particularly important or meaningful to you. Take a moment to write out your “it’s possible” statements and notice how they make you feel. A simple sentence can empower you to get excited about your career! Don’t let previous failures or setbacks prevent you from believing that it’s possible — because it is!

If you’re having trouble thinking of something, try these resources provided by the Canadian Career Development Foundation to help you get started.

Wondering how to turn possibilities into realities?

We’re here to help you explore your possibilities, develop plans and support you as you get excited about your career. Check out these recommendations from SSC career counsellors.

Need one-on-one guidance? No problem

Book an appointment with a career counsellor or someone from the larger careers and experience-building team to ask questions, explore options, make a plan, build resilience and overcome any barriers in your career journey. Check OSCARplus > Student Success Centre > Appointments > Careers for appointment types and availability.

If you identify as a member of an equity-deserving group or you have barriers to employment, try our Career Access Professional Services (CAPS).