Further Education

Further Education

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Explore your options with us

Continuing your education can be overwhelming because there are no rules and the options are endless; but, it can also be exciting to see where your further education might take you. We want to support your process and help you navigate options related to your personal and professional interests. A great place to start is to think about how these options fit into your future goals and career aspirations.

Graduate School

Grad School on your mind? Our tip sheet provides an easy guide to help you consider your options.  

Looking for something more systematic than a general google search?  Use career and education databases for a more effective search:

Post-Graduate Certificate

Certificates that build upon your undergraduate degree is another viable consideration when exploring your further education options. Post-graduate certificates are usually one year career-focused programs that include short co-op placement in the industry.

Examples include: Human Resource Management, Public Relations, Supply Chain Management, and Environmental Management. You can  explore “graduate certificates,” “post-graduate diplomas” or “accelerated” programs at Ontario Colleges.ca.

McMaster’s Centre for Continuing Education also offers many professionally focused certificates. Some of the programs allow you to complete the certificate while pursuing your undergraduate degree. Inquire with both CCE and your faculty advisor to discuss eligibility.

Second Degree

Did you know you there are options to complete a second degree in shorter time? There are many programs that take into consideration your previous undergraduate experience and provide these options. Some examples are:  Nursing, Social Work, Computer Science, Physician Assistant etc.

Check with the program you are interested in to explore second degree entry points.

Self-Directed Learning

You will be amazed at the offerings of free on-line courses! Satisfy your curiosity, explore your interests or supplement your degree with marketable skills and knowledge. Explore MOOCs (Massive Open On-line Courses) through:

Application Support

The application process can feel daunting. The trick is to gather the details, organize it, develop a schedule and just work the plan! We know, the uncertainty and doubt can be difficult, but we have supports to help you through it. Download this excel template to get organized.

In our Further Education Tip Sheets section, we have a template to help you gather and organize the facts. We also have tips on writing personal statements and letter of intents. If the application process includes interviews, we have tips on that too!

Can’t find what you need? Then our career professionals are here to help you put your best application forward!

Application Support

Every Fall term we offer a series of workshops to help you consider your further education options and support the application process. Full descriptions and listings of events are available for download. Register for a workshop on OSCARplus.

In October of every year, we host a Continuing Education Fair which brings in schools from across Canada to showcase their programs and provides an excellent opportunity to talk directly with recruitment officers to learn more about programs and get your questions addressed.

More information

Career Advising Appointment

Advisors can help with job search support, further education questions, career information, building experiences, and helping you find the right services and resources. You can schedule an advising appointment or meet with an advisor during drop-in clinics.

Drop-in clinics are offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. in Gilmour Hall 110. Meetings are 15 minutes and are available on a first-come basis.

Career Counselling Appointment

Career counselling helps you develop more clarity about yourself and your career goals.  Use this appointment to examine your values, interests, and skills, and to develop self-directed career and education goals. You can schedule a career counselling appointment on OSCARplus and meetings are held in Gilmour Hall 110. Appointments are 50 minutes in length.

Sessions and Events

The Continuing Education Fair is offered in October of each year to help you explore programs and talk with admissions officers to get your questions addressed.

Sessions on Considering Grad School, Grad School Applications, and Writing Personal Statements are offered each year as well. These are free sessions available on OSCARplus under the SSC events calendar.