Campus Jobs and Experience

We know that students and alumni want to work at McMaster. The good news is that there are so many opportunities to create a career path for yourself at the university. Gain work and volunteer experience while you’re a student. Access mentorship and receive insight from current staff. Apply your skills and experience by working at the university after you graduate. And more!

Use this page as a resource to create your career path at McMaster. Developed in partnership with McMaster Human Resources.

Fast facts about working at McMaster

In 2023, there were more than 1,450 students working in paid positions and 1,000 students engaged in experiential learning at across McMaster’s Student Affairs divisions.

Additionally, the university as a whole employs more than 15,900 staff!

Discover opportunities to work or volunteer at McMaster as a student

So, you want to gain work experience and develop skills by working or volunteering on campus. That’s great! There are so many ways you can get involved, which makes it easy to find opportunities that match your interests and goals. Keep reading to learn more and take action.

There are many job opportunities during the academic year and in the summer. Hiring happens at various times throughout the year that sometimes it’s hard to keep track. We’ve got you covered. Here is a list of job opportunities and details to help your job search.

Find and apply for jobs

The McMaster Work Program

The McMaster Work Program gives students who demonstrate financial need opportunities to work on campus part-time (max 10 hours/week) during the fall/winter terms and part- or full-time (max 35-40 hours/week) over the summer. There are more than 1,250 jobs available with more than 100 different McMaster departments/offices. Positions range from administrative support and customer service, athletic coordinators, research support and more.


Departments across campus post jobs here. Plus, this is where you can apply for teaching assistant (TA) positions.  


We work closely with campus departments and employers to connect you with jobs and experience-building opportunities. There are thousands of jobs posted throughout the year. Find them and apply under Student Success Centre > Employment > Job Postings. 

Housing and Conference Services

Find positions to work with Housing & Conference Services directly on their website. Roles include residence positions like community advisor (CA) and more. If applications are open for a role, it will be indicated by “NOW HIRING.” 

Campus Store

The Campus Store typically hires student staff in the spring or early summer. Follow @MacCampusStore on Instagram for hiring updates. 

Athletics & Recreation

As the largest employer of students on campus, Athletics & Recreation offers part-time paid and volunteer positions during the fall/winter school year and full-time seasonal employment during spring/summer in a number of areas. Find opportunities on their website.

Work on Campus: Summer Job Fair

McMaster departments want to hire enthusiastic student staff who want to gain experience working on campus. Join us at the fair to network, discover on-campus jobs, learn about the hiring process and get the information you need to apply. Through working on campus, you get to share diverse viewpoints, help departments stay engaged and make an impact on the student community.

Do you want to volunteer for personal or professional development?

McMaster has many on-campus positions and clubs which offer a diverse range of opportunities to serve a variety of interests.

Whether you are volunteering for personal or professional development, the benefits are valuable, and the skills are transferrable. You can take what you learned in volunteer positions and apply them to your professional, academic or personal work.

Appointment types

  • Career counsellors: Career counsellors work with you in a supportive and collaborative manner to help you make career, education, and life decisions.  
  • Job search coaches: Job search coaching can help answer questions about how to conduct your search effectively, including how to find suitable opportunities, how to prepare a successful application and more.
  • Career Access Professional Services (CAPS): The CAPS  team can help you overcome barriers in your employment and career planning. They’ll collaborate with you to develop an individualized plan that respects and considers your intersectionality, academic path and hopes for the future.
  • Experiential learning and volunteering: Meet one-on-one with our experiential learning team to explore opportunities to gain experience, including job shadows, self-directed opportunities, placements, volunteering and mentorship. We can help you find an opportunity that suits your interests and goals.

How to book an appointment

View appointment types and book on OSCARplus (under Student Success Centre > Appointments). 

Student Staff Development Conference

The Student Staff Development Conference is an opportunity for all McMaster student staff to connect and explore ways to grow their professional development at the university. This conference is a partnership between McMaster Student Success Centre and Human Resources.

Why participate?

  • Develop lifelong employability skills.
  • Foster a sense of community among peers and colleagues.
  • Discover McMaster as a potential employer after you graduate.
  • And get ready to enter the professional world with confidence.

Student testimonials:

  • “Most impactful was learning the importance of work-life balance and self-care. What I learned here will help encourage and maintain my current work-life balance to ensure my healthiness and happiness in life.”
  • “Networking with other students was the most impactful towards my personal and professional aspirations as it allowed me to practice collaboration and teamwork as well as hone my communication skills.”

Student Staff Professional Development Course

Students are guided through a self-directed experiential learning and professional development course to enhance their summer work experience and skills. In this course, discover ways to be professional and effective in your roles, identify connections between academic and employability skills, develop learning goals and reflect on achievements.

The course is accessible on Avenue to Learn: Student Staff Professional Development Certificate. Once completed, participants receive a certificate of completion.

Thinking about what happens after you graduate? Consider working at McMaster

Your journey of development and growth can continue after graduation through joining our community of staff. Apply your academic expertise in a work setting, plus access all the benefits of working at McMaster. Check out this section for information on how you can create your career path here after you graduate.

About working at McMaster

As an institution, we’re strongly committed to employment equity and focus on creating an inclusive work environment that values every individual’s strengths, perspectives and contributions. We foster a diverse, collaborative and multi-generational work culture.

Get insights from current McMaster staff

Job Shadow Program:Spend a day or half-day job shadowing a department on campus. This can involve shadowing one or more staff members to provide of a day in the life of a McMaster employee.

Career Conversations: Connect for a one-on-one conversation with alumni who are currently working here at McMaster University. Learn about their academic and career journey and as well as the benefits of working at the university. Go to OSCARplus > Student Success Centre > Career Conversations and select that you would like to talk to a McMaster employee.

Formal Mentorship Program

Get matched with a McMaster employee for a four to five-month program where you get to receive mentorship by tapping into their professional experiences working at the university. We’ll match you with a mentor based on your career goals, interests and preferences. Outside of getting to receive valuable mentorship, this is a great way to learn what career opportunities are available on campus for after you graduate. 

Go to OSCARplus > Student Success Centre > Mentorship to apply.

McMaster’s Human Resources Services

McMaster’s Human Resources provide a range of job opportunities for student employees, professionals in mid-career transitions, and experienced workers with a length of service of up to 54 years. They prepare students to become global citizens and leaders of the future by facilitating a variety of year-round work study programs, co-op placements and internship opportunities.

Student Success Centre Job Search

Job searching is a valuable life skill. There are many factors to consider that can make your job search a success. We can help you learn about strategies, resources and services so you can find a job that’s right for you. Did you know? Alumni have access for up to five years after graduation.