September 25, 2023 to September 29, 2023

Passionate about science, technology, engineering and math?

Throughout STEM Week, discover sessions and resources designed to help you succeed in your academic field. Participate in workshops and panel events related to field-specific academic skills and career exploration. Plus, connect and study with other STEM students who have shared passions, interests and even career goals.

Check out the Writing and Academic Skills Hub in Mills Library

All sessions take place in the SSC: Writing and Academic Skills Hub (Mills Library L215). It’s a dedicated space for studying and learning, so we highly recommend checking it out this term!


Jillian speaking with a student

The Career Catch 22: Gaining experience without experience 

Volunteering for altruistic reasons to contribute to your community is amazing and builds social capital, but volunteering strategically to build...

Cassie at career booth

Is networking scary? (It doesn’t have to be!) 

Start by understanding the value  There are many benefits to networking:  Acknowledge that networking doesn’t always have an immediate impact ...

Navigating university as a first-generation student

Faced with difficult decisions, many of them had to choose between upholding a family business and pursuing higher education, a...

From grad school to your future career: Top career planning strategies for grad students

As a career development advisor, I encourage students to think of grad school as a pivotal time for career development,...