Academic Skills

Our model

Academic skills programs are here to support your development in key areas, such as reading, writing and studying. Our services are for anyone who wants to become more efficient and effective. Whether you’re experiencing challenges or getting straight A’s, we’re here for you! Using research and best practices, we help students who want to improve their academic skills.

  • Academic coaches employ appreciative advising, which uses positive, open-ended questions to define students’ goals and teach critical strategies for academic success.
  • Writing advisors use student-centred pedagogy for both graduate and undergraduate students. We apply instructional tasks, Socratic questioning and concept teaching to help you with your writing
  • The Undergrad Peer Tutoring Network provides students with course-specific content support from freelance student tutors who have achieved an A- or higher in the courses they support.
  • Workshops involve small group learning. Practical tools are provided to build academic skills, such as critical reading, note-taking, writing and more.

Our Services

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