Careers and Employment

Our model

We recognize that a career isn’t something you find — it’s something you develop and manage over time. Our career development model encourages flexibility, optimism, persistence and willingness to try new things. Additionally, the model uses four guiding principles or actions to navigate your career.

  • Reflect on your interests and identify your personal skills.
  • Explore your career and education options.
  • Connect with people and opportunities.
  • Develop skills and gain experience.

We provide Career Access Professional Services (CAPS) for students and alumni who identify as a member of an equity-seeking group or have barriers to employment. The CAPS team provides individualized support to assist with all aspects of career development including exploration, preparation and the building of skills and confidence.

Our Services

Digital Skills Series

Are you a Mac grad? We offer career services for up to ten years after graduation.

Alumni Career Services

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